West Coast Cure – BULLRIDER : Flower 3.5g Pouch


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Bullrider by West Coast Cure™ is a Sativa dominant hybrid cross of G12 and Skunk #1. Its aroma is strong and pungent with a powerful citrus and pine nose and a multitude of finishing notes; like spice, skunk, vanilla, and sour candy. The stain’s flavor has a noticeably sweet-n-sour inhale and a light gassy exhale. As a Sativa leaning flower, Bullrider helps you get a grip when starting your day. A wake-n-bake strain with some serious kick, seasoned consumers should definitely grab this bull by the horns.


* All indoor top-shelf flowers by West Coast Cure™are packaged in nitro sealed cans or mylar bags for premium freshness and are compliant with California’s Bureau of Cannabis Control requirements


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